The ladder is provided as a service to The Club Port Baku.

It is intended to encourage friendly competition and aid players in finding partners at their approximate level of skill.

The squash ladder is not a scientific instrument to determine players relative strengths.

We try to keep the rules as simple and unbureaucratic as possible.

Ladder Rules

  • Any player may challenge a player up to 3 positions higher for a ladder match.
  • When a higher-ranked player A beats a lower-ranked player B, standings remain unchanged.
  • When an unranked or lower-ranked player B beats a higher-ranked player A, player B will take player A's ladder position and player A will drop one rank.
  • When a player first registers, he or she will be unranked.
  • A player becomes ranked upon the first win against a ranked player.
  • A player that has been inactive during a whole month will be dropped by one rank on the first day of the following month.
  • Results should be entered as soon as possible after a match.
  • Players should agree on who will enter the score. When an unranked player wins against a ranked player, the unranked player must report the score.

Rules of Play

  • Ladder matches are best-of-5 games.
  • Games are scored to 11 points, each winning shot scores a point.
  • Official rules are those of the England squash federation.
  • Matches must be played with a standard yellow double-dot ball.
  • Please advise reception when positions change on ladder.

For more information and squash court reservation 012 499 89 09